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Vicenza = Excellence
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More than 92 thousand enterprises operate in the territory, a turnover of 90 billion euros, a volume of exports of almost 15 billion euros
These are some of the numbers that confirm the economic and entrepreneurial dynamism of Vicenza
A record-breaking province, whose main economic indicators are always at the top of the scale, sign of a productiveness and well-structured commercial area, strong in numbers and careful as to quality, protagonist in the domestic market and with a propensity to export strategies.

Productive core of the Northeast, the Berica (Vicenza area) province is characterized by a large number of enterprises and a vast productive diversification .
Food, mechanics and electronics, tanning, jewelry and precious metalwork, textiles and clothing, ceramics, wood-furniture :
These are the sectors in which Vicenza boasts significant performance and is often placed in a leadership position on national and international markets.

The Vicenza territory has an important network of structures and frameworks that support the entrepreneurial system. Advanced tertiary, Credit Institutions, trade fairs and training centers that offer entrepreneurship the possibility to challenge themselves on international markets with the adequate assistance.

This network includes the Chamber of Commerce of Vicenza and Made in Vicenza, its special agency, and focuses on promoting Vicenza production in Italy and on international markets Leader in exports
Regarding export
Vicenza is in fourth position among Italian provinces. An exceptional result, considering that nearly 15 billion euros of export sales are the result of a productive structure composed primarily of many small and medium-sized enterprises, capable of competing with large international groups, mainly due to its flexibility, specialization, technological and high qualitative levels achieved

Vicenza products are mainly destined to countries of the European Union (67%), Asia (8,5%) and North America (16,7%).

"Made in Italy" has asserted itself in various sectors of the global market, particularly in engineering, textiles and clothing, leather-tanning and jewelry. The province also stands out in several international case studies, with entrepreneurial success stories in sports clothing, furnishings and technologies for the industry
Imports Exports
8.206.862 Euro 14.494.518 Euro
Top 20 countries by value of exports
Position Country 2011 %2010-2011
1 Germany 1.942.994.281 16.6%
2 France 1.450.014.805 6.3%
3 USA 16.3%
4 Switzerland 717.419.785 17.4%
5 Spain 615.076.577 1.1%
6 United Kingdom 588.145.924 6.5%
7 China 555.625.224 29.0%
8 Russia 404.126.530 16.8%
9 Poland 391.121.936 11.0%
10 Austria 376.811.620 15.7%
11 Belgium 332.836.931 9.3%
12 Turkey 323.588.797 8.8%
13 Rumania 318.924.720 24.5%
14 Hong Kong 319.256.242 8.8%
15 The Netherlands 267.956.503 -3.8%
16 United Arab Emirates 266.526.692 -0.3%
17 Czech Republic 255.511.020 16.0%
18 Sweden 225.202.467 30.9%
19 Brazil 174.379.230 41.6%
20 India 172.671.158 24.5%

First 20 sectors by export value
Position Type of Commodity 2011 %2010-2011
1 Leather tanned and worked; leather items 1.736.805.613 14.4%
2 Jewelry, bijouterie and related articles; set precious stones 1.314.445.407 7.6%
3 Clothing, except fur apparel 959.363.667 4.5%
4 Other machines for special applications 856.939.135 25.9%
5 General purpose machinery 763.776.067 8.8%
6 Other general purpose machinery 617.121.179 17.1%
7 Other metal products 590.012.079 14.4%
8 Engines, generators and electrical transformers 543.800.481 12.0%
9 Steel industry products 495.018.794 22.3%
10 Plastic articles 455.356.855 9.2%
11 Wiring equipment 387.902.018 32.1%
12 Metal forming machines and other tool machines 379.531.274 40.8%
13 Basic chemicals, fertilizers, plastics and synthetic rubber 351.977.730 0.1%
14 Other products for first steel processing 310.126.626 24.0%
15 Furniture 307.400.348 5.1%
16 Basic precious metals and other non-ferrous metals 285.358.027 3.3%
17 Pulp, paper and paperboard 260.116.785 -14.2%
18 Machinery for agriculture and forestry 217.944.595 32.0%
19 Tubes, pipes, hollow profiles and related fittings made of steel 215.279.288 24.0%
20 Fabrics 208.147.330 12.8%

Excellence a way of life

Vicenza, for example, best known worldwide as "The Gold City", because the most important national jewelry district is based here, a sector in which Italy is a world-leader.
Vicenza is also known as "The Leather City", because the Arzignano-Chiampo area is the most important national tanning district, another area where Italy plays a leading role.
The predominant sector of the province is the mechanical industry, with thousands of companies engaged in the production of machine tools for the different productive sectors, electro-mechanics, electronics and subcontracting. Finally, textiles and clothing, wood-furniture and ceramics are three historical areas of the Vicenza economy, which have been able to upgrade their production over time, gaining significant market share both in Italy and abroad.
Besides the leadings sectors, the Vicenza economic network can rely on a myriad of small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in niches of specific productive areas, genuine standard-bearer of creativity, the know-how and the hardworking of its people have allowed this area to obtain extraordinary performance in global markets.
National Ranking position Vicenza Indicator Average national indicator
Produced wealth (GDP per capita) 12 30.438 24.481
Exports (GDP share of exports) 4 51.99 21.38
Quality of life 21

Vicenza = Excellence

Vicenza = Excellence

"Data Source: Chamber of Commerce of Vicenza"