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entro il 27 aprile 2016

Per le aziende vicentine interessate al mercato cinese si riportano di seguito alcune opportunità di business.

Per eventuali ulteriori info contattare entro il 27 aprile 2016:

Loretta Pozza - Alessia Cozza

loretta.pozza@madeinvicenza.it /alessia.cozza@madeinvicenza.it  



a. Guangdong company looking for Coffee machine and Blender producer


Guangzhou Home Appliance Company has the interest in cooperation with European  brand of Coffee machine and blender producer, the cooperation method could be investment in the European company totally or partially, or started by the distribution of product in China.


b. Chinese dealer looking for cooperation with local distributor of Cosmetics


Guangdong cosmetics dealer has interest in the cooperation with European cosmetics distributor  for multi-brand sales in China. The ideal distributor would have the license to sell major famous brand in European, and have the wild range of product line of different famous brand.


c. Smart Product looking for funding and European market distribution


Cover 360 degree camera, could help driver to control all the eventual risk of accident, and parking monitor. High definition, Wifi connection with smart phone, portable, 

The project is under co-funding, and searching for worldwide distribution co-operation.


d. Chinese Group looking for investing on nature medicine company and Hospital in Italy/Switzerland


The Top Chinese botanical medicine group is looking for investing on local company of nature medicine production and distribution, and also looking for the local hospital which is interested to add the department of the Chinese traditional medical treatment and investment on MTC project.


e. Chinese Fashion E-commerce group looking for distribution of local fashion brand


The Chinese local fashion E-commerce group, with around 65 million registered user, and 5million active user online daily. The group is looking for the distribution of local medium-level fashion product, request high quality and reasonable price, not entered in Chinese market. Fashion, sport clothes etc